MA Film Research Seminars

Film Ethics

Instructor: dr. Wim Staat

In this course, the research on ethics in film is developed in line with Stanley Cavell’s work on Hollywood melodrama and comedy. This seminar will be a way to do research within the Humanities as an alternative to communications research and sociology concerned with ethics and media. Read more

Films Beyond the Theatre

Instructor: dr. Eef Masson

In this seminar, we shall explore and map the recent shifts within the emerging field of non-theatrical film studies: the film spectatorship that took shape in homes, classrooms, museums or town halls, where family films, educational films and information or propaganda films were projected for audiences of varying compositions. Read more

How to Save the World: or, Ecology and Cinema

Instructor: dr. Catherine M. Lord

This seminar will, in an unorthodox mood, take an optimistic approach to a range of cinemas which display splendid ecological, filmic languages which engage with our psychical capacity for mourning environmental degradation while pursuing a passion to strategically confront our current global predicaments. Read more

The Five Senses of Cinema

Instructor: dr. Tarja Laine

This research seminar aims to bring together an array of historical and theoretical synaesthetic approaches on a gamut that runs through all the senses – vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell – in order to make sense of the multi-sensorial complexity of cinema. Read more

(Un)dressing cinema

Instructor: dr. Marie-Aude Baronian

Departing from the idea that costume and fashion are obviously central to filmmaking (e.g. mise en scène), this seminar will investigate and complicate the particular relationship between film practices and design practices. Read more

Past MA Research Seminars


Cinema and the Body

Instructor: dr. Maryn Wilkinson

In this MA research seminar, we will explore the body as a focal point of cinema; whether it be as the implied (but absent) observer ‘within’ the camera, as the fetishized object of the gaze on screen, or as the corporeal experience undergone by the viewer in the audience. Read more

Cinematic City

Instructor: dr. Floris Paalman

The aim of this course is to understand the relationship between cinema and the city regarding film themes (representation), film form (aesthetics), thinking about the role of media in modern society and culture, and urban development in particular, and the place of the film industry. Read more

History of Film Theory

Instructor: dr. Abe Geil

This seminar will undertake a critical examination of the principle thinkers and concepts of film theory prior to 1960. That period—now dubbed the “classical” era of film theory—was an extraordinarily rich time for writing about cinema. Although students will develop a solid foundation in the canon of early film theory, this seminar will not be driven by historical interest alone. Read more