Fatih Akin’s Cinema of Hospitality: Guest lecture by Donald Weber

Tuesday, March 18, 15:00 – 17:00 hours at P.C. Hoofthuis, room 1.05
This presentation focuses on the contemporary German-Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akin and his exploration of the condition of exile and longing in films like Head-On. The talk examines Akin’s vision of a globalized Europe, of borderline outsiders seeking spiritual asylum, of journeying souls in transition between identities, languages, and territories. Read more ›

Call for papers: Media Archeology and Digital Media

Udine, Italy, 2.-3. April 2014
As part of the bigger investigation undertaken by XXI Udine Conference around the subject of Media Archeology as a pioneering media approach which reconsiders each medium’s identity as part of a network of media discourses, we would like to ask graduates and postgraduates to share their perspective on the relationship between history and digital media culture regarding the concepts of “document,” “archive,” “cartography”. Read more ›

Symposium on Film & Media Technologies, 12 and 13 December @ EYE

The EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the Groningen Film Archive are hosting a Symposium on Film & Media Technologies, subtitled “The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory”. The two day symposium takes place on the 12th and 13th of December at the EYE in Amsterdam and the University of Groningen. It features lectures, paper presentations, round table discussions, debates and a special screening of Jean-Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) du Cinéma. Read more ›

Creative Film Criticism: Lecture and Masterclass with Adrian Martin 9–10 January 2014

Cinema1-610x180More information and enrolment via NICA
Adrian Martin & Cristina Álvarez López: “The Audiovisual Essay: A Fusion of Old and New Paths in Creative Film Criticism and Analysis”
Over the past two years, the film critics and magazine editors Cristina Álvarez López (Barcelona) and Adrian Martin (Melbourne) have been collaborating on a series of audiovisual essays, usually combining an edited video with a written (or spoken) text. They will show various examples of their audiovisual work and speak about its underpinning of ideas from film criticism, history and theory. Read more ›